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How to start Surrogacy

1- Contact:

2- Confirm your citizenship status

3- Gather any recent fertility reports

4- Obtain family doctor letter indicating unable to conceive

5- Undergo any blood/semen/hormonal tests described by the clinic

6- Your surrogacy case will be outlined for you

7- Pay the first stage by bank transfer

8- We will help you choose an egg donor (if applicable)

9-You will be sent covering letter, consent letter, clinic certificates, surrogacy contract etc.

10- If using donor eggs fly to Clinic to deposit your semen

11- Stage Two payment is made

12- IVF procedure

13-  Implantation of the surrogate

14- Stage Three payment is made upon heartbeat

15- Stage Four payments are made at weeks 12/18/26

Clinic Egg Donors

Agencies that supply egg donors interview and screen healthy non-smoking women between the ages of 21 and 32. Depending on chosen donor and method your stay in Kenya can be just the single day but it is best practice to stay four or five days  should your donor or your surrogate requires further drug dosage or adjustment and of course for you to give a second semen sample necessary for frozen storage should you require treatment in the future.

Indian Egg Donor

US$42,000 price includes surrogacy and the use of Indian Donor Egg
If you were to work with an Indian Egg Donor from India we will guarantee a minimum of 10 grade 1 embryos from a good egg donor. The IVF will be done in India and embryos frozen and shipped to Kenya. This would require you to travel to India and Kenya.

White Egg Donor

US$40,000  for the surrogacy + $13,000 - $20,000 for Caucasian Egg Donor
White donor eggs sometimes are referred to as Caucasian egg donors. These are donors from the west. The cost and procedure are as follows.
Upon registration you will be given access to an egg donor database.
Patients can check the availability of all donors and read their profiles.
Upon selection, we will negotiate the egg retrieval dates with all parties and will send the stimulated egg donor to Kenya ready for egg retrieval. You can then deposit your semen or alternatively as in most cases have your frozen semen sample ready for thawing from a prior visit to Kenya.
Please note that the egg donors are always accompanied by chaperon who is a member of staff and during the stimulation you will always be updated about your donor's progress. You will be sent stimulation reports to see how many follicles are growing and unlike other clinics, you are entitled to all the collected eggs and not asked to share or pay any extra. Any remaining embryos can then be frozen.
The donor fees covers your donor's drugs and injections, medical check-up, monitoring, travel to Kenya, accommodation and her compensation.

Black Egg Donor

US$42,000 price includes surrogacy and the use of a black egg donor from Kenya

Most Caucasian patients I know are happy to choose an Indian woman as the supplier of eggs no matter what shade of skin. Together with the husband's semen the child will have a healthy year round tan! But we have seen many, many babies who by appearance are 100% white despite using an Indian egg. The strength of your semen can be an important factor. Take a look at our baby (link to our children gallery) from an Indian donor and here is our second baby (link to our children gallery)

Oriental Egg Donor

US$50,000 price includes surrogacy and the use of an oriental egg donor from Thailand. Requires a trip to Thailand.

Shipping Frozen Embryo

US$28,000 for Surrogacy + minimum $2,500 for frozen embryo shipment
A medical courier company will be found for you. They will communicate with your IVF clinic and co-ordinate your sample's shipping over to Kenya.
We suggest you fly to Kenya for the embryo implantation onto your surrogate. There you can finalize any payment, be present for any contract signing, perhaps even semen freezing for subsequent attempts and importantly, scout for a place to stay with your baby and this applies to all no matter what surrogacy method they use. For the initial week or two until you receive the birth certificate you will need to stay local. Afterwards you can find a more suitable and cheaper accommodation for longer term stay closer to shopping along with maids and nannies. Visit our accommodation page for this.

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Host/ Gestational Method

The surrogate will be given drugs to 'switch her off'. This will stop her natural ovulation and allow doctors to implant embryos from another woman/donor in the surrogate's womb. The surrogate will not be genetically related to the baby as the semen and eggs are from the intended couple or donor using an IVF process. This is the preferred surrogacy method in Kenya.

Straight/ Traditional Method

No medicine or treatment. Just simply to place the intended father's sperm into the female surrogate via a syringe as often or little as one would like. This is a natural method and therefore may take several months for pregnancy to occur. The surrogate will have to donate her own eggs to the cause and therefore will be genetically related to the baby. Not done in Kenya.
This surrogate can for expedience sake go through the IVF process to collect her eggs and have them fertilized with intended father's or donor semen and resulting embryos implanted back into the surrogate. Again she would be genetically related to the child. Not done in Kenya unless you bring your own surrogate!

Your Status

Very few cases are alike so to tailor your surrogacy we would need to understand your status. We would need to know which country you are residing in, which country you are citizen of as well as knowing whether you are married or single and if married whether it is an opposite sex or same sex marriage.

I'm using my own eggs
I'm using Indian donor eggs
I'm using my donor I brought with me
2 weeks stay in Kenya
upto 5 day stay in Kenya
a few days stay in India & Kenya
I'm using a white donor selected from an agency
I'm using my own frozen embryos
2 weeks stay in Kenya
a few days stay in Kenya

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