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The following is a summary of our IVF history

IVF # 1

At Kings College Hospital, London
6 eggs retrieved only 3 fertilized
Because of so few eggs I opted for ICSI
Implanted 3 excellent quality embryos on day 2, a four cell division

IVF # 2

At Kings College Hospital, London
A disaster. Despite doubling the dose there were no eggs. Nobody knew what had gone wrong. It was a horrible experience. Like a death in the family

IVF # 3

Holly House Hospital, Essex
Time for a change. We went for GIFT/ET
11 eggs retrieved 2 of which were placed in the fallopian tube along with my sperm
Of the rest 3 fertilized in the lab without needing ICSI
Implanted only 1 excellent quality embryo (as per the draconian laws in the UK)

IVF # 4

Holly House Hospital, Essex
Went for straight IVF
6 eggs retrieved only 3 fertilized without ICSI
Implanted 3 excellent quality embryos on day 3, an eight cell division

IVF # 5

Holly House Hospital, Essex
Hoped for Blastocyst but outcome was poor despite increase in dosage
4 Eggs of which 2 were good and fertilized thru ICSI
Implanted 2 excellent grade 4 embryos on day 3, an eight cell division
Of the 4 women that day the only failure was mine.

A Summary (if such a thing) of our Surrogacy history

Summer 2005. A plane hop to India to inseminate (Read: sex as my wife would say!) a surrogate whom we found by advertising in the Indian press. Two months of hard graft produced no result. (for those inclined, our
ebook will chart this event and more)
The list below charts our 'official' surrogacy attempts, i.e. outside of the bedroom!

Surrogacy #1

With the same Indian lady as above, we tried a more hands off approach in autumn 2005. We went to Rotunda IVF clinic in Mumbai and started treatment to produce eggs of the surrogate to go back into the surrogate. Evidently she had poor eggs.

Surrogacy #2

Spring 2006. Same surrogate, same story, same result.

Surrogacy #3

Early 2007. A different surrogate this time along with a different egg donor. Both selected from the Rotunda's books by Dr Kadam. Donor was nice. The blame game was now not ours if it was to go wrong which it did of course.

Surrogacy #4

Spring 2007. Back to Rotunda again. Back to the same donor but a different surrogate. And... back to square one yet again.

Surrogacy #5 and #6

Summer 2007.Two is better than one right? Wrong. Two wasted surrogates, two wasted donors and a partridge in a pear tree.

Surrogacy #7

On average we had six embryos implanted in our prior attempts. Dr Kadam gave us a donor of her choice. We were guaranteed results. It was December 2007. Nine embryos were shoved into another surrogate.

Surrogacy #8

Summer 2008. Our run of bad luck migrated with us to Dr Patel's Akanksha clinic in Gujarat.

Surrogacy #9

Two more ladies got bowled out for a duck.

Surrogacy #10

We've broken the record so now let's put a stop to this.
Seven embryos entered this third surrogate at Dr Patel's.

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The 'ambassador' tag was first coined by a reporter. Thank you whoever that was.
We help where we can, even to those going to other clinics. Our reputation for frankness and honesty is what endears us to every email we receive and we remember them all too vividly. We shall not forget our original purpose of what we started out to do in 2000 and why god took us to umpteenth failures before our first child. Had we succeeded on our very first surrogacy attempt then you would not be reading this and most probably not know where to turn and who to trust in the volatile world of surrogacy.

Some say we have an affinity for childless couples and that it is our calling and duty. We were blessed with two wonderful children should we then turn our backs on the very people, doctors and services whom have helped us? Childlessness is a disease and we have been given an opportunity to not only help intended parents realize their dreams but to also fulfil our destiny and payback the debt we owe god.

As with everything, fate brought us to this point as way back in 2005 when we helped a patient with their surrogacy a friendship was formed and this eventually led to us tying our services with a Kenyan Clinic. We look forward to helping new patients and form new long lasting friendships with them.

To fulfil your parenthood dreams contact the Ambassadors of Surrogacy for your surrogacy, thank you.
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