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We're Bobby and Nikki and have had two babies born in India via a surrogate at two clinics. Something of a record as we have had ten attempts in achieving our goal and then some. Back then we feared as much as anybody. Where was Bobby and Nikki when Bobby and Nikki needed help?

Everything can be accomplished on your own without resorting to an agency or third party who will charge you extra for what we're typing for free. Another way of saving money is to have Bobby come along with you.

$3,000 will enable you to have an escort. It would cover the extra airfare and accommodation. An incalculable benefit that goes far beyond surrogacy and yet your total outlay would be no more than prices of other comparable surrogacy clinics which do not benefit by having Bobby and Nikki.

We'll take you through the steps hand in hand if you like, how to contact the clinic, where to stay and can advice you in many other matters regarding India and surrogacy as there are a thousand and one things to consider and we'll help you with them. Just email us back however many times you wish before, during and after embarking to parenthood.

Save money

The escort cost can be off-set in many ways, some nine months into the future perhaps. No two cases are ever alike. Sometimes our influence can pay dividends.

1) How about no upfront fees? Doing so will avoid bank transfer charges. It seems my word is my bond with some clinics that you will be able to pay on arrival by cash.

2) Another example of me saving you money is that should your surrogate fail to get pregnant then I'll insist on you not having to pay a consultation fee a second time Rs60,000 ($1,000) This alone will reimburse you my airfare. So book your trip and me with you.

3) Clinics can charge you at least $6,000 extra if you have twins. If these clinics can help it you will have twins. Which is why you must check with us first. Like I said, we can save you thousands on just this point alone.

4) You'll learn and see more of India.

5) We can arrange the accommodation and taxi.

6) Discover where to stay economically long term with your baby and find maids/nannies at lower cost.

I haven't even included all the hassle of the trip, taxi, beggars, choices and decision making from restaurants to clinics which you could be spared from and you would have gained so much that subsequent trips you can manage with confidence.

recent escort

India can be a daunting place to visit therefore I offer myself to accompany anybody to the clinic.
I will escort you to the clinic and be your interpreter and guide for any decision making to which there will be many. All the processes and options will be explained to you. You'll be glad I tagged along as one or two of the decision making are not so obvious and may save you thousands. Local shopping and eating recommendations. What to bring, buy and take with you to India. A million and one things to bring to your attention especially when you come to collect your baby. What's the best system for feeding your baby? Where to purchase, how to sterilize and how to avoid having to sterilize! Saving you time as well as money, especially if you're having twins. We can also scout for better and cheaper accommodation for the eventful day. A place close to shopping will be foremost ahead of any gym and pool. Baby comes first!

Collecting the birth certificate and the hassle of it. Things are done very slowly in India and a certain 'incentive' is sometimes called for. Then the passport for your baby will be at the mercy of your embassy and collecting as much documentation of your journey to this affect. It staggers me when I hear what westerners pay for their room, phone calls and internet access. What about air tickets? Should one get a single, a return? And return for how long? Most surrogates deliver weeks early but you did not know that, nor a thousand other points I could tell you of but with a little forward thinking you can manage on your own. Or take me. Taking too long to find your surrogate? Want to queue jump?

Save and recoup the outlay in myriad of ways not forgetting the advantages for having a guide with surrogacy experience aplenty. With pitfalls and confusion, save yourself a headache and take up this offer.

Trips can last two weeks or a few days if you're using an Indian egg donor. I can only help one couple in any one month. Remember your baby is born Indian. Try not to cocoon yourself in five star luxury. Experience the real India.

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Indian Standards

If this is ISO accreditation then I'm glad not all clinics follow it.
It came to our attention that a person who came to our party got a shoddy deal with a certain clinic.
First off, the patient paid the full amount upfront without being given an invoice.
Secondly, he had to choose an egg donor blindly. That is to say without being given photographs of the donors.
Thirdly, there was no surrogacy contract agreement signed or given to him.
Fourthly and there was a fourth but we can't remember it!

Rather than broadcast the clinic's name (they know who we're talking about) you can be sure it won't happen again to any of the couples I send over to them or any other clinic otherwise it's good-bye from us!

Contact us first before the clinic is the motto.


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