I saw your website from an article in the Guardian. I am 40, obviously of Indian origins. My wife is 36 and Caucasian. We have been married for over 12 years now and don't have kids. We have tried and failed 3 rounds of IVF in North America. I want to identify a surrogate mother and go that route for the next go around. Do you happen to have the contact info for Dr. Nayna Patel who I understand works with surrogates in Anand.
Any help you can give me would be appreciated.
Thanks, S

Hello Nikki & Bobby,
I really enjoyed your website and wish both of you all the best in your trials to become a mother and father.
I am North American (sorry, - I know how you feel about that :-) )living in Europe with my European husband.  My name is A and my husband is M.  We has been together for just over 10 years and are still very much in love.
We were lucky enough to have a son 9 years ago but during the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy I became very ill.  My illness progressed so quickly and aggresively that 7 months after the birth of my son, I laid in the hospital under an induced coma for about a month and a half.  Since then I have had many, many related abdominal surguries...
I won't bore you with all the details, suffice to say that I can't get pregnant anymore (and will be 40 in August anyway- which doesn't help) and yet we still long for another child or two.
We would like to use our own embryo and a surrogate just for the gestation of the child/children.
Any help or recommendations that you could give would be greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards, A

Hi, I just read your email and would like to know how to get a surrogate mother from India? I just had my first in vitro and it failed. It was devastating for me and my husband and I don't know if I could do another round. I have four embryos left, but need a surrogate mother. Any advise?

we are a European couple searching since two years for a surrogate mother,
We found two times a person who wants to be a mother for us but the first one was a swindler.
She wanted merely our money. We have noticed it, however, on time and with this it was finished! We were very sad and have begun to look out again.
When we spoke with a friend about our heart's desire, she promised us enthusiastically that she would deliver our baby. We have carried out all medical necessary things. When the time of the transfer came, she got fear and cancelled it 2 days before by email. Then she was not accessible several weeks, although we want to make clear to her that we are not angry, only sad, and we can also understand her.
Since then we are again in search of belly mummy, however, we do not know any more. Cots and surrogacy UK did not want to help us because we come from Germany. In the meantime, we have examined juridical side and have found a legal way. Apart from the fact we cannot simply afford more than a total of 60,000 €. We have paid already a lot for the medical interventions and the embryo storage.
In our search we found your website and now we are hopeful that you can help us to find a belly mummy to bring our baby into life.
Please contact us, even if you can not help us!
In this reflects we thank beforehand for your trouble!
Best regards S&H

Hi--my name is K. I am a 36 year old female and my husband is 44. We have been trying to get pregnant for the last 4 years. We live in North America  but due to the high cost of fertility treatment here, 2 years ago we opted to go to Thailand to get our treatment there where it was considerably less expensive. We have had numerous artificial insemination and 1 IVF but all have failed. My doctor seems to think it is because my uterus lining is too thin even with the help of medications. Currently we have 4 frozen embyros at the BNH hospital in Thailand and have been desperately searching for a healthy woman to be our surrogate mother. Our doctor said he can ship the embyros anywhere.
Since we have had no luck in finding a surrogate we had nearly given up hope until we read your article about surrogacy in India. It has renewed our hope in finding someone. Do you know of anyone who would be interested? All we are looking for is someone healthy and preferrably under 40 years old.
Please contact us if you know of anyone or if we could pay to advertise in the paper, who would we contact to do that? Any info you can provid us would be greatly appreciated.
Also what is the procedure to bring the baby back?
Much Thanks, K

i'm P.
i saw you web site about  mother surrogate .
I want to know exactly the price (all inclued) to got a baby !
i want to be father what i have to do ! and how much for surrogate mother ?

Dear Sir/Madam
Thanks for your guidances... 23 years ago when my wife delivered i boy by ceasarian , she got infected so 3 times with in  a week her abdomen open !!! since then she could never carry the pregnancy to the end ...in each 4 times of pregnancy our childs dead in side the womb !!! Now i am 53 & wife 42...I have healthy sperm but wife's egg not healthy... we wish to have an egg donation with sutrrogate mother...if that work by your assistance our dreams get to reality after 23 years...we are prepare for the costs.Kindly advice.We are from Middle East  with light skin (light wheaty) , so the egg donnor must be white & good looking for safty of futur matters.

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I want to be a father. My wife has lost her capacity to produce ovum.
Hormonic treatment has been carried on to boost up ovolution, but the
attempts were failed.
Now I want a child of my own. Could you please bring any hope to my
life. What to do, please advice me at your earliest.
With Thanks.
Yours sincerely N (India)

I am a New Zealander  living in Europe briefly.
My wife and I have been trying to have children for over 10 years now without success.  We have undertaken IVF about 7 or 8 times and have tried herbalist and acupuncture. I think we have exhausted all other viable means which has prompted me to inquire about surrogacy.  My wife will be 45 this year and I have just turned 50.
It would appear that initially my wife was producing eggs but the lining of the uterus was not thick enough to sustain an embryo.  Very soon after our first IVF attempts eggs production dropped rapidly.  We have since tried donor eggs on three occasions and while the embryo would grow in the incubator they would not survive once implanted into the womb.
So, you may not have needed all that information, but we have talked about surrogacy for a while now and would like to learn more about whether you have any suggestions at all please?
Also, given all the problems we have had I have contemplated whether I may be prepared to be a sperm donor and help others.  At my age this may be academic; am I too old to be a donor?
Regards R

Dear Bobby & Nikki,
This is S from UK. Im considering to become a single father
and i would love it if i can find someone who can carry my child but
it ll mean it may include her own egg. Surrogacy is a bit different -
what is the right term for this progress or is it more safer doing the
whole surrogacy thingy?
and where can i go for that? I ll love an Asian child maybe a Kenyan
child - whats the chance there?
please point me in the right direction.

Hello there
i am very new at this but I actually have thought about what I want for over 5 years now. I would like to have a baby of my own…I don’t want to marry. I am a male and I live and work in Africa.
Here are my questions: I would like to have a separate donor (for the egg) and a separate surrogate – is this possible?
Also is it possible to be able to choose between different donors? Meaning that I have a specific needs. I would like the donor of the egg to be a white person preferably Russian or northern Indian but quite fair.
I am mixed race  – what are the things that I should consider being a starter?

I am one of those unfortunates that had about 6 misscarriages with no diagonsis. we are Indian couples living in North America  and looking for surrogates and egg donor in India.
Pls. let me know if you can help.
Thanks N

Hi everybody!
We are an European, marriaged couple ( 30 /33 Years old ) on the way to find a surrogate mother.
By the birth from our first Baby, the doctors must remove my wifes womb, so it`s unfortunately impossible to
become another Baby. Thats very very sad for us and our son, who is wishing him a little brother or sister so much.
In Europe aren`t any possibilitys for us, and the US-Prices are much to expensive....
Hopefully we send you now this Mail. My wife is still having own eggs so we need a IVF- Center, which is removing the eggs from my wife,
fertilize them with my sperm and transplant in a surrogate`s womb. ( where can we find a surrogate mom???? )
Can you give us any informations, how and where we can start to become our greatest dream comes true?????
Hopefully, R

Hello !!
Can anyone help us with a big problem? We need a surrogate mother to carry our baby. And we also need recomandetion of a clinic where we can do all the proses.
Best regardes to you.

We are a New Zealand couple - who like it seems many other couples have exhausted all avenues to have a baby in our lives.  We are currently looking at surrogacy in America, however, as you are probably more than aware the costs are extremely high.  I have come across your website and found it very interesting.  However before I waste your time, can you answer the following question.  Due to my age I will require an egg donor for the surrogacy, we are both of Irish and Scottish background, therefore does the Indian clinic offer egg donor from white women (I read that there is egg sharing - is this egg sharing from white woman ). I would very very much appreciate any information you can offer.
Many thanks.

hi there we are a married couple looking for a ts who fees are 5k or less as we dont have thousands to spare we both have a staedy job and our own home but we live in the uk and finding a surrogate near to us is like finding a miracle,
we have been lokking now for three years and still got no where yet
thanks m & J

Dear sir/madam
hello, I would like to know that it is possible to get baby boy using surrogate
mother, and how much it will cost.I am a indian and i lived in Delhi i am 34 year old,i have one doughter from my wife,after four time she got major operation,Fifth time she deliever baby girl that time doctor told me not to go for other baby so i did family planing for my wife.know we are interested to surrogate mother for baby boy , if it is possible pls. advice me accodingly.
Regards, M

I have two children by a previous marriage and my current husband and I
want to have a child together.  I've had a tubal ligation.  We have
tried IVF with my eggs and IVF with an egg donor who is BTW from India
and living here in North America.  Unfortunately, neither succeeded.  We are
from North America and Caucasian but obviously since we used an egg donor
from India are very pro having a child with Indian heritage. Other women
that I communicated with on the IVF/surrogacy board were surprised I was
using a donor with a different race from mine.  Our previous egg donor
is intelligent, creative and beautiful.  I have a neurological pain
problem and my health is getting worse.  I have to take several
medications so we are looking more towards finding a traditional
surrogate.  We have a good friend who lives in India, she told me about
the low cost of the clinics there and the good medical care.  But, I was
told we couldn't advertise for a surrogate.  I am glad to find out this
isn't true.  Our friend lives near Chennai and I am welcome to stay with
her although my husband is concerned the lack of airconditioning will be
a problem for me since it is hot all of the time.  He has traveled to
India before.  What was it like when you were there?    I know you
listed out the expense for using a clinic in India but I'm still not
clear on what the estimated cost would be  for a traditional surrogate
in India.  I know in South India that $2500 in considered good money for
the women who live in the villages there.

My name is A and I live in Europe.
Together with my husband D (gay couple), have we
been searching for a way to have a baby. We have
friends who´s having babys lesbians and gay men as
well. The last whent to USA and got twins through a
surrogate mother. We would have done the same if it
was´nt for the cost, it´s to expensive for us.
We even got in-touch with an agency and manage to
press the price to an reasonable price level. But then
my husband started to look up the owners name, we
found out that he was trying fool us. He was pressed
with charges in the USA for steeling other people´s
money, pretending that he could help them get a baby
through surrogacy.
Felling (bouth of us) like ther wher no hope for us
ever getting us a baby, I stumbled over your page!!
God bless you both! No we are seeing some light at the
end of our tunnel. I do wonder if you know if this is
for real or not, we dont want to be foold again?
So what is left for us now (we think?) is to save us a
sum of money before we can start the process. If
you´ll having some ideas about how to make things go
faster or other thougths so please let us know!
All the best in your quest!

My partner and I are looking for a surrogate and would love to know more about how to get in contact. We have already had IVF and have some frozen embryos so are well on the way.

Hi  , bobby what a co incedence  , my wifes name is also bobby. We r one of the unlucky couples who  r living the life with out any hope of  having kids  , as i was reading your article gave  me a hope  which we lost long time back , thts the reason iam contacting you and see how we can get help from you . i hope u understand our pain and agony . we want to have a surrogated mother  from india , at the same time we r from middle class family trying to survive in North America . u can be the gods sent messenger to us to give us the happiness and joy which we r lacking all our life till now .
god bless you and your family

my wife and i have went through the fertility medicine, over and over...we are looking to adopt, is it cheaper to get a surrogate mother from india than to adopt in the u.s.

My husband and I are researching the IVF process in North America.  We are very satisfied with the Reproductive Center locally with the exception of cost.  We are now looking at undergoing IVF in another country, ideally India or Singapore.  Dr. Malpani's Practice in India is the one that interest me most but I'm having difficulty speaking with anyone that has actually conceived through his practice.
So, my question is this;  Do you know what is the best way for me to receive real live testimonials about Dr. Malpani's practice?  His web site is fantastic but that doesn't offer me much reassurance.  I would never hire a renovation contractor to renovate my home without checking references nor would I undergo IVF here or anywhere without checking references.
I'm a bit reluctant to go through Dr. Malpani for references although I did email an address from his website that is supposed to be one of his patients here in Atlanta that just gave birth 5 months ago thanks to his help.  I have yet to get a response from that person.
Many thanks for your time and help.
Cheers! A

Me and husband is looking for surrogate mother to carry a baby for us.Hoping you could help us.I benn searching in the web for a while now  but no one responsed me yet with a reasonable price.My husband have a Indian  Blood that why I tried to search for Indian woman  and I got your website.
Asking for help,
Mr. & Mrs A.

My husband and I are interested in finding a surrogacy
in India. Can you tell me what is the best way of
doing this?

We are a couple hoping to get a surrogate mother to bear our child. We are
able to have a good quality sperm and egg, am sure we will also have a good
embryo, but complications limit us from bearing the child for 9 months.
Please help us.
We need to know your process / procedures.

I have two children by a previous marriage and my current husband and I
want to have a child together.  I've had a tubal ligation.  We have
tried IVF with my eggs and IVF with an egg donor who is BTW from India
and living here in North America.  Unfortunately, neither succeeded.  We are
from the Caucasian but obviously since we used an egg donor
from India are very pro having a child with Indian heritage. Other women
that I communicated with on the IVF/surrogacy board were surprised I was
using a donor with a different race from mine.  Our previous egg donor
is intelligent, creative and beautiful.  I have a neurological pain
problem and my health is getting worse.  I have to take several
medications so we are looking more towards finding a traditional
surrogate.  We have a good friend who lives in India, she told me about
the low cost of the clinics there and the good medical care.  But, I was
told we couldn't advertise for a surrogate.  I am glad to find out this
isn't true.  Our friend lives near Chennai and I am welcome to stay with
her although my husband is concerned the lack of airconditioning will be
a problem for me since it is hot all of the time.  He has traveled to
India before.  What was it like when you were there?    I know you
listed out the expense for using a clinic in India but I'm still not
clear on what the estimated cost would be  for a traditional surrogate
in India.  I know in South India that $2500 in considered good money for
the women who live in the villages there.
Thanks, E

We have done with the 3rd IVF (we ended it last week). We returned the 2 fresh embryos but we got negative results.
We have 6 more frozen embryos.
We don't want to have more IVFs (my wife is 32 years old and we don't want to waste more time and to start the surrogacy process only when we will get to the age of 35) and we would like to start it as fast as possible.
We are coming to India (Mumbai) for one month and we would like to schedule a meeting with you.
We would like to know:
1.   Is it possible to enter India our frozen embryos (using the special freezing box)?
2.   Can you assist us to find a surrogate mother?
3.   How soon can we start the process?
4.   How will the whole process cost?
5.   At the end of the process, how can we write the baby as our legal child?
Please write us any information you can.
Thanks and Regards

Hi i have read your site and you guys have given me hope.My husband and i already have children by previous partners but really want a child of our own.this seemed impossible because i have had a hysterectomy(still have ovaries)can you tell us how we might begin to arrange surrogacy in india.we live in the uk.i have emailed one of the clinics but got no response.many thanks and best wishes
Cand P

I reviewed your website and am intrigued.
Who arranges for an egg-donor and a surrogate at Rotunda? We are from North America.and are in our 40s. I will be in Bombay in a couple of months and am interested in looking them up.
Also, who handles the legal end?
I would appreciate if you could forward information on who can help us
understand the system in India....
Thanks, S

hi there,
i  had repeated misscarriges. i am thinking for surrogacy option. i am just wondering that do you have to find your surrrogate mother or hospital will arrange for it.how much does it cost alltogether? have you gone to kaival hospital in gujrat. i have heard a lot about that.any suggestions will be really appreciated.
Thanks D

Good morning,
Me and my partner are looking for an Indian lady to carry a child for us, I became a widow at the age of 28years and I am now 39years,I had an hysterectomy last year July 2006 (I still have my ovaries), I have found a partner and we decided to have a baby.
Can u please help.

Dear Bobby and Nikki
Hope you are both well and things are working out for you. Like many
others we've been reading your website as we are thinking of pursuing
surrogacy in India options.
My husband (44) and I (41) are both white. We have tried IVF here
in UK and have failed. What would you advise as a first step? We
understand that we would have a better chance of success by using the
surrogate's eggs, is this possible with Rotunda?
This is our first step in exploring surrogacy and we feel the need to
find others in a similar situation to talk to.
Many thanks,
H & D

I have gone thru your web site and it is really nice to know that infertile couples still have some hope....
I do not have much knowledge about this subject and i wish to inform that we are married for the last 7 years and god has not been kind enough to bless us with a child... My wife also keeps upset due to this.... I am interested to get more information about the subject and also how to get a baby ?
i also want to inform you that  my sperms have been tested and found OK , we tried for IUI but the problem is that the folicle does not burst in my wife and it becomes a cyst.....................................
I shall appreciate is you can guide us and also help us to get our share of happiness in life...
I shall wait for your reply soon.
Thanks, R

Hy, I am married for 16 years and no kids. I am looking for a surrogate in India. If you have information, I will be appreciated for your help.
God bless you.

First I would like to say thank you for putting so much effort into helping others. I am hoping that you will be able to help us.
I had a hysterectomy 17 years ago after the birth of my son, three years ago I started a new relationship with someone I have known for over ten years, my husband has no children but would dearly love to have a child of his own. Obviously I am not able to have a child by natural means and finding your web site has given us both renewed hope. Could you send us anything we need in order to start the process of surrogacy, I read about the clinic in India I wasn't sure if we had to pay the surrogate separate fees on top of the $12,000 fees (we are not wealthy so for us India would be our best option) also do we get the birth certificate with our names on there as the parents? I understood that we would have to speak to the consulate regarding travel documents for the baby to return to my country. There are so many questions, but I think if you could just let us know where we start that would probably be the best.
Thank you so very much

Dear ,
I want to have a child out of my own sperm.  My wife lost her capability
to form ovum. So I need an egg donor and a surrogate mother to give
birth a baby.
What to do next ? Please guide and help. Reply soon.
Thanking you all

We are a gay couple from Europe, and we really want to found a family. As it is impossible for us to have a baby in our country, we are looking for a program, which could help us to realize our dream per surrogacy.
Can you tell us more about your surrogacy experience? How did you begin your search? Do you maybe have some contacts to give us? How did you legalise your child and came back in your country without problems? Are clinics and surrogacy programs in Indian really serious? In England, is there nowadays clinics that offer that kind of surrogacy programs?
Thanks in advance...

Hi , and thankyou for your site,
I'm from New Zealand, do you know if any one has had a baby in India and
whether its possible to bring the baby home?
Thanks again and I feel for your plight its difficult, maybe you should
try TS as well as other methods. That way you may end up with a baby
and you can always keep trying for  the next sibling via egg doner.
All the best H

Hi. We are looking for a surrogate mother we have a child and would like another but having lots of problems conceiving.  I have looked in to adoption but it is expensive.  I saw the website and this looks really great. We would be interested in any place really. One that is less expensive. Please get back to me thanks. is  there a number I can call you at. Is travel always involved?

I found your website on a google search and it makes for quite interesting reading.  I know what you're going through, I know the heartache, the hopelessness and the financial strain.  I myself have been trying to start a family for over six years now with no success.  I have undergone 5 IUIs, 4 IVFs and 3 surgeries trying to get there and have been unsuccessful.  It doesn't help to know that my biological clock has almost clicked out.  I am also of Indian origins about 5 generations ago (my ancestors moved about 200 years ago).  My heart goes out to you and I wish you all success in the attempt that you are making now to achieve your wish.
Meantime, I'm still trying to help myself.  I am considering pursuing the option of surrogacy but the costs in the west are beyond my budget.  I saw that you mentioned a clinic named Rotunda on your website and wondered if you would be kind enough to provide me with some more thoughts on the clinic and some tips that would be useful to me if I contacted them.  Although my forefathers came from India and through the generations they continued to only marry people of Indian backgrounds, I have never visited India and I only speak English, so I'm a bit at a lost on where to start with Rotunda.
Thanks for any replies that you may send me, I know that you must be very busy right now.  I have a feeling that your nightmare will end soon.
Good luck and God's blessings.

Hi, I just came across your website and saw a documentary on this same issue.  My husband and I have been married for 3 years and have been trying to concieve.  We have been unsuccessful.  I am interested in this surrogate mother option, but, I am thinking about the immigration issues.   Before we get into this, though, I have to know how will we be able to bring our baby after it is born?  My husband is born and raised Indian, I am born and raised abroad.  He has permanent residency,  which quailifies him for citizenship in 3 years.  What steps will we have to take to bring the baby with us? Is this something you have looked into?  What is the cost? Do you have a website that I can check this out on?
Thank you for your help and for bringing hope to a childless couple.
Sincerely, R

To whom it may concern, I am a Filipino.  Me and my fiancee of Indian descent and a Hindu are planning to have a baby in the future.  Unfortunately I underwent hysterectomy nine years ago but according to my doctor I still produce eggs as my left ovary is still present.  I am hoping to be accomodated in this surrogacy program and I'll appreciate if you'll send in more information for me and my mate to study.  I believe we have a good chance for surrogate pregnancy.
Hoping for your prompt reply.  Thank you very much.
Yours truly,

Hi there.  We were really excited to read your website.  Because of health
reasons, I am unable to carry a child.  We are both fertile and would love
to explore the possibility of going to India to possibly find a surrogate.
Tthe surrogacy laws over here are impossible and
it costs so much to do it in America.  I would really appreciate it if it
would be possible to speak to you and hear about your experiences, as we are
really quite serious about going to India.
Yours truly, G&P

Hi Nikki and Bobby
So nice to find your webside - great job you have done.
We are a Scandinavian couple, who, cause of endometriosis, can't get our own children. Therefore we are considering to have a surrogate in India.
Paying a surrogate for carriing a child is very illegal and can give up to 4 months prison. That of cause is a big price to pay, but if thats what it takes...!! We read the section at your site about the uk law and home taking, and understood that its not easy in the uk eather.
It sound like it will take us minimum 6 weeks to have a visa for the child - is that possible?? Or do you know any way to do it faster? Do we have to tell lies the have the child out of the country?
Do you have any contacts who went through with this?
Who will know the rules on the field?
A lot of questions - we know, but really hope you can help. We dont know where else to go.
Best regards

I am Indian i am Hepatitis B patient i am looking for surrogated mother i need some clarification please help me
1. can i give my egg
2. If i want to book surrogate mother what is the terms & conditions
and how many years it will take to complete the procedure
I am from bombay and my age 34 years & my husb age also 34  years married last 3 years and got one miss carriage not undergone any medical treatment regarding the baby
I am from mumbai now last 7 month working in kuwait with my husband i will meet you in the month of april of you give me the address
I will send u my complete details alongwith my photo

To whom it may concern,
Here is my situation, my husband and I are both age 43 we
are in good health no family ill history or else, myself about
four years ago surgery took off my womb but my ovary in
healthy codition, what we wish to find a surrogate pregnancy,
we are Chinese where the surogate is not allowed so we look
for help overseas.
Please let me know if I will get help, assistance from you.
Best Regards,

My wife and I enjoyed your website. She is American and I am Filipino. We are looking into Surrogacy in the Philippines and wondered if you have any experience/contacts/info that you can forward to us. We have found nothing on the internet.

Hi there i'm looking for a indian surrogate! Where do I start and do the embryos have to be stored before use into a surrogate ? Thanks for any help.. K

I have a woman that is willing to give me her eggs and I am looking for a surrogate to carry the baby til birth.
Please help me!

I have read through you website and have emailed Rotunda to find out about success rates with women on my age (43).  I am  living in NZ with my partner and had a hysterectomy 10 years ago - so surrogacy is my only option.  My endocrinologist here has confirmed that I am ovulating and my PCOD seems to have disappeared.  So we're all ready to go.
Did you get you name on your baby's birth certificate? and how easy was it for you to travel with you baby out of India?  I emailed another clinic in Indian and he (dr malpani) has come back and said it is impossible under indian law to get your name on the birth certificate.
I look forward to hearing from you

Dear Sir/Madam ,
I have gone thru your web site and understand that you
are helping to get own babay for the couples who do
not have .
My wife have the similar problem . Because of the some
medical problem , she had undergone a surgory and her
utrus got removed . Now she can not concieve a baby .
We are looking for a surrogate mother who can carry
our baby in her utus and give it to us after it;s
birth .
Requirment is urgent .
We wants to know thw cost and legal aspacts of this
facility ,
Kindly write down your phone no . So that i can
directly contact to you .

Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me how does one begin looking into the possibility of having a gestational carrier in India? I am 46 from North America, beginning a second marriage. If we want to have children in the future, I am wondering what my possiblities are. We would probably need a gestational carrier as well as an egg donor. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

I found your website after seeing a report that having an Indian surrogate mother is a lot less costly.
I am so glad you have put up your website. I do have some questions. I am North American, 33 years old and unable to have children due to uterine cancer which led to a partial hyterectomy when I was 28.
My husband and I would like to have children very badly and I was wondering what the cost was for using an Indian surrogate was. I would like to use my own eggs if that is feasible.
Also my husband was wondering how that would work for immigration purposes.
Any information you could provide would be wonderful.
Thank you,

i live in the EU im looking for a surrogate mother im 24 years old and wife is 25

Hi Bobby,
First, thank you so much for your generosity in creating and
maintaining this site.  It has clearly been immensely helpful to so
many people.
I am a gay man living in North America.  My partner and I are very
interested in surrogacy in India.  Would it be possible for you to
put us in touch with:
1)  Gay male couples who are pursuing or have been successful with
surrogacy in India.  We are particularly interested in American gay
male couples, but would also be very interested in communicating with
gay couples of any nationality.
2)  American heterosexual couples who have pursued surrogacy in
India, preferable those who have gone through the entire process.
I realize that you would first need to contact them to see if they
are willing to be contacted.  Conversely, you could supply them with
my email address.
Again, thank you for all your invaluable help.
Best regards, B

Excellent website. I like the flow chart a lot which explains how to go about.
Please can you tell me if you live in North America and want to use someone in India as a Surrogate how it works? Is it legal and how does the immigration work ? Any information on this is very helpful.

Hi guys, terrific job on the website!!!!!!!!  So once a surrogate has a child for you, how easy or hard is it to get that child back to your country of residence?  What if I wanted the surrogate to also donate the egg, now does she have any more legal rights because she is “part owner” of this child?

My husband and I have been married for 15 years with two unsuccessful pregnancies.  Our next step was to maybe get divorced and he could marry again but that’s so painful due to the fact that we’re not splitting up because we hate each other we are splitting up because we have no choice.  I love him and he loves me but we love children more than anything else.  I will contact you if I need anymore questions answered.
Thanks again for providing this valuable outlet.

I am looking for an egg donor and a surrogate mom; can you arrange? thanks and regards,

My name is K. I'm Asian American. My husband and I are looking for surrogate mother, we don't need any donor. We think you can help us.
Would you kindly advise followings before we start?
1. I want to see you and the clinic staff/facilities by myself. So I will go to your place around end of March. My husband and I never been in India. How can I contact with you?
2. Regarding the payment term, please advise exact (as much as possible) estimate amount/time of payment/refundable and/or nonrefundable by itemized.
After we get a reply from you, we will arrange our flight schedule.
Thank you in advance for your kind attention.

I m a single man living in turkey. I want to have a baby using surrogacy.
What should I do? What is the total cost. I have normal sperm parameters.I
look forward to hear your answers soon.
With kind regards

I am from East Europe ,Iam looking for surrogate mother,but with ours genetics materials(eggs and ovarys).How much is surrogate mom?

I've found your website to be incredibly
helpful...thank you.
I've been in email correspondence with Dr. Kadam.  We
have a frozen embryo we would like to send via courier
to Rotunda once a surrogate is found for us.  We're
concerned about the potential delays at Indian
customs, so we're wondering if anyone you are in
contact with has experienced that.  If so, we're
looking for advice on how to expedite the process.
Finally, are you aware if Rotunda would refuse a
family that already has children?  I have heard of
other clinics that will only help childless couples.

Not quite sure how one should start an email of sensitivity. However, I am here for help like many others before me & those whom will find your website after me.. My Husband & I are wanting to have a child. He has healthy sperm & I can not have children, as I had cancer at a young age of 23 which resulted in a hysterectomy.( I have been cancer free for 14 yrs) We are in need of a egg donor & also a surrogate mother. If privacy is needed by the mother we are willing to allow her to stay with us (if she feels comfortable to do so) or we can provide a place for her to stay. We would like to select our egg donor. My husband's mother was Indian & his father from Pakistan.  The children from India are very unique with stunning beauty. With that said, we are willing to do what it takes to bring a child in to our home.. I am available to begin this process right away.  Can you please guide us in the right direction and tell us what & how we can begin.
All your help is greatly appreciated.


Dear Sir/Madam
We are gay couple from New Zealand. We found your website in regards to surrogate mother. We are planning to have a kid on our own. We have an egg donor who is my cousin. She is happy to be the donor. We are looking for a surrogate mother to carry our baby. Can you give us more details and cost involoved? We are happy to come to India if necessary.

Hello, My wife and I would be interested in finding a surrogate, how do we get the process started? I am 45 and my wife is 48,  money is really not an issue, thanks, J&B North America.

My husband and I have been looking for surrogate mothers on line and found your website.  I have not finished reading everthing, so I am not sure if you and your wife have been successful in your bid for children.  I pray so... I will go back and continue to see how it is today.  I see you are in India it says...
We have tried IVF 3 times now without success though we are able to get viable embryos, so we are thinking of next time using a surrogate mom to carry the eggs...  We live in EU and would love to have a surrogate from either the EU or India, whichever is least expensive.  It is rather expensive as you know and we have spent quite a lot already...
I am 40 and my husband is 41...
Thanks for your help.

Hi, Nikki
I have followed your website and have checked for india ivf information for
a while, thanks to you we could get so much information of donors and
surrogacy program in India.  we are looking for surrogate mother as well (my
eggs).  Besides Rounda IVF centre, do you know any other IVF centre provide
help of surrogate mother in India?  From an article i have seen a doctor
from a small village in a countryside of india claimed that she could
provide a lot of surrogate mothers, just don.t know if it is safe to do the
whole treatment there in there?
Just out of curiosity, may I know why don.t you use the surrogate mother
from rounda IVF centre? it should be safer via them.  Is it because of the
costs or they don.t have enough candidate of surrogate mothers?
Best wishes

I read your homepage and I've got some questions I hope you could
answer.First of all, I am very grateful to you for helping others this way.
I am a singel woman from Scandinavia wanting to use surrogacy. Sinnce I am
45 years old I think that surrogacy with egg donation will be the best
alternative for me. In Scandinavia surrogacy is not permitted. HAve you
heard of others from Scandinavia who have used a surrogate mother from India
(I want to use the Rotunda clinic as you recommend) ? Will it be my name on
the birth license or the egg donator/surrogatemother ? And if so would there
be any legal problems at all getting a passport for the child ? How long
must we stay in order to get the papers ready approcimately ?
You wrote that you could help with a contract and I would be very pleased if
you could send me one on this mail address.
You recommend people to find their own surrogate mother in India, but do you
think it would be ok to let the Rotunda clinic find one for me ?
Again, I am very pleased that you have this site and I will donate money to
you if I go on with this prosess which I really want to. I only need to know
that it will work all right to get the child out of India.
Yours sincerly

I don't know where to start or is this the right e-mail address to express my thoughts....
I am a father of 2 young boys and have a beautiful wife. Unfortunately, my elder son met with an accident last year and sustained brain trauma. We take care of him in the house. We would like to have our grandchild from his sperm and needs a surragate mother to have his baby.........Please advice or help. We are from India, and currently citizen of another country. Our preference is that the egg donor be an Indian.........Thanks........D

I read a lot about White and Indian etc. but not much about the other races. I am a black male thinking about finding a surrogate mother to carry my child because I choose not to be married at this point. Can I use this service in India that you talk about?

Hi Bobby and Nikki,
you have a great website. it gives us lot of information. i have read you surrogacy page. people are sending you so many mails.i found that some of the mails were from north america. i am also from north america and we aslo want to go through surrogacy procedure. bu we don't know about the immigration process . how to bring the child back. if possible can u please send me contact information of somebody who is from canada and  have gone through this process.i will really apprecite you help.waiting for your mail.

I and my wife live in Taiwan right now. I am not sure what and how should I do if I and my wife would like to go to India to find a surrogate to help us to have our own baby. Please help us!

Hi Bobby,
My wife and I are North Americans and are considering finding a gestational surrogate to bear children for us. Do you have any advice or referrals to stable surrogates who are honest, reliable, and practice good nutrition?
Thank you,

To begin with, I applaud you for your effort for putting this wonderful
website together.  I would like to thank you very much.
My name is E  and me and my husband reside in the North America.  It has been
a long time since we have been trying to have a child or children with
no success.  Please give me an idea what to expect to pay if we decide
to do IVF donor egg & Surrogate together.  Because of anti body, even if
we tried IVF, the implant won't work for me.

To be honest with you the only worry I have is about the donor.  As long
as the donor  resembles me I don't care what the Surrogate looks like.
My only worry about the surrogate will be her health condition.  As long
as she is healthy then I am fine.  Please let me know how much the cost
is together for those two procedures together and will go from there.
Thank you very much.

Hi,  We are looking for a surrogate mother.  We have our own embryos.  How
do we go about finding a surrogate from India?  We live in North America.

We are a North American based couple  I am infertile, but do have
functioning ovaries, thus Gestational Surrogacy is our option. We recently
rec'd a IVF scholarship and our clinic that will be donating the service. We are actively seeking a surrogate, but of
course--the ones we find here are too expensive for us to afford. We
can afford 5-10K for the entire pregnancy. We are open to her living with us
for the 9 months also!!

I am 27 (black) and husband (white). We are a loving couple, dreaming at
becoming parents. A picture is provided. Any information or direction to how
to make this happen will be much appreciated!!!
Thank you for your help, God Bless~~
The B's

Hi There
I really appreciate the service and information provided through your website.
We are also struggling to have a baby. I love my wife but it appears that we are not having baby after 4 years of attempts.
External assitance is almost needed.  So I need another woman to have a baby. Therefore, I am preparing and looking for the right information and right contacts.
What are the steps one should take to make contacts.

Hi Nikki
My wife and I are interested in having a child with the help of a
surrogate mother in India as we are unable to have children
naturally do you help point people in the right direction or just
supply information to couples.
many thanks if you have time to answer our email..

Dear Sir/Madam
We are looking for a surrogate who can carry our baby.  Please could you let us know the following:
  * Do you find a surrogate? (would you also search for a surrogate abroad)
  * How much is the cost of surrogacy?  (cost if we use donor egg and my sperm or own embryo)
  * How long does this process take?
  * What is the waiting time and how do we initiate this?
We have had 3 IVF cycles:
1.    IVF - 2002
2.    IVF with Donor Eggs 2006
3.    IVF/ICSI 2007
My wife has been treated in the past for Endometriosis and also has high levels of prolactin.
We look forward to hearing from you.

I am also looking for surrogate mother in India. Please anyone interested contact us, we want to discuss everything with you and make the journey very pleasurable, hopefully successful.
how i get the your hostpital ?
i'm in korea.

Dear Nikki and Bobby
Great thanks for your website on surrogacy which has been very helpful.  We
also went thru the F&Q's but had some queries. We wanted your feedback with
regards to  Rotunda IVF clinic as we r serious abt going ahead with
Surrogacy thru them. We are staying in the Middle-East on employment
We had few doubts to clear and required your feedback as you have dealt with

1) Are you allowed to interact with the surrogate mother and how frequently
2) During pregnancy, how did u monitor the progress of  surrogate mother and
the baby ?
3) Is there a way to know that the child is not malnutrianed ?
4) Immediately after birth, how did u ensure the child is biologicially
yours ?
5) Could any changes be made in their agreement specially with regards to
compensation factor to surrogate in event of death etc ?
6) Are the surrogate mothers properly tested medically before taking them
and how reliability / protection ensured to avoid legal hassles later like
backmail etc ?
7) Most importantly you experience from time to time while dealing with
rotunda clinic and the information cycle from them ? Did u have a person in
india to monitor and depended fully on the clinic's feedback ?
8) Do the clinic have surrogates readily available since there is no
guarantee with respect to advt response

Would appreciate your response on the same.

Hi There,
i just found your wonderful web-site, it is amazing. i have been searchingfor some time for a suitable area to have a surrogate.
i am a single gay man originally from Europe, 37 years old and in full health. i have been living in Middle east for the last 5 years and am really desperate to have a baby.
being a father is all i have ever wanted in life.
i really hope that you can help me, and that i can in turn help a surogate mother to change her life by doing this wonderful deed.
my cell number is --------, i do hope we can get in touch and all of my dreams could come true.
i look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes

I hope this message finds you well. I saw your article in the Christian Science page and am grateful that you do the work that you do for so many people who want to experience the joy of parenthood.  1) I have a few questions, some for myself, and some for others who maybe interested.  For my basic understanding of the program, how does this work?  What is the general process?  Do couples post a notice of what they are looking for in a serrogate and then fly to India make their selection?  Does the serrogate stay in India during the pregnancy, or does the serrogate stay in the participants' homeland during the pregnancy?  What are the health screening procedures for the parents-to-be and the serrogate?  What is the medical implantation procedure?  Are there legal contracts involved to ensure that couples receive sole custody of the child? 2) For others, who is you are you trying to reach out to?  Is anyone eligible for this program?  Is it all inclusive or is it an exclusive program?  In other words, can everyone participate in this program?  Single parents?  Single women who want to be a single mother and have a sperm donor, and only need a serrogate womb?  Single men who want to be a single father and need a serrogate egg and womb?  What about minorities?  Is this program open to everyone?  People of color?  Lesbian women couples who have a sperm donor and need a serrogate womb?  Gay men couples who need a serrogate egg and womb?  Thank you for responding with as much detailed information as possible.

Do you have the correct email address for us to get a surrogate in India so we can get it going?
I have written several listed on your site with no response yet.
Please let me know the one I could get a response from!
Thank you and have a blessed day!

please could you give me an overall cost for surragcy in euros

Hi there
Very glad to write to you and know your website. Thanks for all the information you guys provided for all of your reader.
Here we have some questions might need your help. We are thinking to go to India to do surrogacy, since you guys have very good reputation, we would like to get some advices from you for doing a surrogacy in India. First where is the best clinic to go with which with a reasonable cost in India? How could people find a qualified surrogate in India? Do you have any surrogate available? We got know that your website have been recruiting surrogate from India. we really like your criteria of request for a surrogate.
That is for now.

I am a 44 year old woman requiring egg donation that cant get a loan because I’m a bankrupt!
I have almost but not completely given all hope of being able to try IVF with egg donation. On your site you say that some countries like Poland are much cheaper.  Do you know the names of any clinics or any contacts that could help in Europe?

Hallo Nicky and Bobby
I read an article about the Rotunda clinic in the magazine Red and then I found your website.  Although I have read it - I promise - I am still a little confused.  Briefly, I am single, female, white, aged 49 and have had previous fertility treatment (3 treatments of IVF using my eggs and donor sperm) in the west which failed.  After this I simply could not afford to have any more treatment at that time, and I am now too old to get any sort of treatment in the west.  Do you think the Rotunda clinic would accept me or am I too old?  I would need donor eggs, possibly a surrogate and donor sperm.  Would this be a problem?  Also I guess all the donor eggs and sperm comes from Indians. I do not mind this, but I not sure if the clinic would want a white woman to be a mother to an asian baby.
Any help you could give me would be much appreciated and also, who should I contact at the Rotunda clinic in the first instance?
I wish you luck with your own treatment.  It was very interesting to read of your experiences.
Best wishes,

I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication in providing the information. I am exploring the surrogacy path in India. After countless IVF attempts, my wife is unable to conceive, and we are looking to start the process of an Indian Surrogacy or international adoption. My obstacle is where to start and what to do to begin the process. Could you provide any input on how to get started on going to India to start the surrogacy process? Also, since her eggs are not viable, is there any information you can provide about getting the donor eggs? Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I am more than willing to donate any money needed.

We are a couple interested in full surrogacy (egg=pregnancy) fertilisation with our sperm. We wanted to know more details about the options you have to suggest. thankyou for your cooperation.

hi looking for a surrogate will use their eggs and my husband sperm had 5  failed attempts of IVF. I am 38 my husband is 40  we are black african and carribean.  I would use an India surrogate/egg donor, if need be prepared to travel to India for surrogate.
Is this possibly
what is the cost

my name is j and my husband and i are looking for a surrogate mother in the uk or in india.can anyone help us as this is our last chance of becoming parents

My name is P and I am from the N America. My husband and I are looking for a surrogate in India. How do I go about this ? Any information or assistance would be helpful and greatly appriciated. Where do I start ?
Thanks, P

Hello my name is E, I live in europe. I am 50 years of age and my husband is 45, I have looked into your surrogacy programme after reading an article in Red Magazine . I then investigated it further and could not find an amount of money taht would change hands for a surrogacy programme, that required  a surrogate mother using a donor egg and using my husbands sperm, but having just read your site am I right in thinking it is then about £7500? I did contact catherine Cleeve at the British embassy in Mumbai who advised me that I should be prepared to stay in Mumbai after the childs birth for about two/three months as this proceedure is taking this long to process, have you heard this? I also contacted the uk ambasador who I spoke to on the phone who lived in London and had gone through this proceedure, and he said he had stayed in Mumbai for quite a few weeks, have you many british couples, who have gone through this proceedure and what has been the outcome,

Dear Bobby and Nikki!
Thanks for a great webpage! I hope your own projects will turn out with a good result very soon. We are sending you many positive thoughts!
We are a married gay couple and we wanted to know if you knew any other gay couples that have gone through with surrogacy in India? In the clinic of Rotunda? On your webpage you have many heterosexuals and we tried to find more information about gay couples, especially from one of the European countries. Luckily, the Rotunda Clinic seems to be gay friendly J
I hope that you have the time and energy to answer us.
All the best,

We are an indian couple in europe. We are looking for a surrogate to carry our child.
Can you help

I have just found your site whilst researching surrogacy for my brother & sister-in-law.  Firstly I would like to say I really admire you both for all that you are going through and for the fact that you are sharing it with the world and hopefully opening the eyes of the Asian community.   Please do not ever give up HOPE, I sincerely believe you will succeed and be fantastic parents.  I have got all my fingers and toes crossed for you both.
My brothe & sister-in-law have been married for over 11 years and had IVF 3 times in total (twice in europe and once in India).   Unfortunately my sister-in-law has severe endometriosis and PCOS, therefore they have decided to consider surrogacy using their eggs & sperm, where a surrogate mother carries the child.
They are considering travelling to the US and have been advised it will cost approximately £50,000.  Due to the financial costs being so high they are very worried and getting very down about it all.
I am not sure if I fully understand but am I correct in thinking you have a list of ladies in India who are prepared to become surrogate mothers?    Also please forgive me for asking but does the clinic in India which your site recommends pay you for the advertisement?  Sorry for asking the question but I don't want to recommend they go ahead without investigating it all thoroughly.
They will of course contact you themselves but they are so emotionally attached and desperate I believe they need my assistance, as I have their best interests at heart. I have considered COTS and other UK agencies which they are both ready to join, but I feel that would not be the best use of their money in the circumstances.
I must also say we I am a bit worried about how our family will react because it is such a taboo subject, so any advice you can give would be gratefully received.
I hope you are both well and keeping your spirits up and don't worry you are such an amazing couple with the fact that you are helping others, baba ji will definitely be repaying you both.
I never in a million years thought that a couple going through this struggle would be brave enough to tell their whole family, or create a website.   It gives others so much hope and inspiration.  I can honestly say I have been searching the web for weeks and was just about to give up when I came across your website.    Also I know my sister-in-law has not seen it otherwise she would have contacted you for advice herself.
Thank you for reading this and I hope you could give me some advice and point us in the right direction rather than the most expensive direction, which unfortunately everyone wants you to take!!
Please do not ever give up HOPE.

Hello Bobby and Nikki.
We are new members to One in 6 and are also praying for you daily.
We called Rotunda and emailed Dr Kadam.
We HOPE to be in India after New Year.
Please can you tell us of affordable hotels to stay in at PUNE. We are hoping to stay out of Mumbai, because my wife Sara suffers terribly from being exposed to high pollution levels.
Also we wish to see more of India than just the Drs office and 4 hotel walls.
We look forward to hearing back from you in your own time, as we realise that you are living your own lives also.
Many blessings, prayers and our love to you both and to your future success as Parents.
R&S New Zealand

Hello Bobby and Nikki.
We are new members to One in 6 and are also praying for you daily.
We called Rotunda and emailed Dr Kadam.
We HOPE to be in India after New Year.
Please can you tell us of affordable hotels to stay in at PUNE. We are hoping to stay out of Mumbai, because my wife suffers terribly from being exposed to high pollution levels.
Also we wish to see more of India than just the Drs office and 4 hotel walls.
We look forward to hearing back from you in your own time, as we realise that you are living your own lives also.
Many blessings, prayers and our love to you both and to your future success as Parents.
R&S New Zealand.

I am a gay  man from North America and have been in a relationship for 14 years.  I am of Indian origin and have been researching options for surrogacy in India.
I was very happy to see that the Rotunda clinic caters to gay men as well.  I have contacted a few other clinics in India anonymously and they have not been very gay friendly.
I am a bit confused by your website posts.   It seems that you have been trying 8 times for a successful pregnancy.  I cannot imagine the heartache and frustration you must feel.   I may be mistaken, but my impression was that it was a one time deal if you are going for a traditional surrogate.  I must be mistaken.  HOwever, 8 times?  I hope you do not mind me asking if there is something I am not understanding about fertility clinics.
I truly appreciate your website and am very interested in looking further into the process.
THanks so much
V, North America

Hello Nikki and Bobby
We are a gay couple and we would like to proceed through surrogacy to create our family
That was a real pleasure to discover your website
We are currently experiencing difficulty in the US . We find the process very cumbersome (lot of paper work because of their fear to take responsibility!)
And…very expensive , the cost is now around 150K$! and guess what out of that amount 50K$ just for insurance!!
But we are now familiar with the whole process
I just sent an email to rotunda clinic
May you have some advise (I saw that already some gay couples sent you emails)
We would appreciate and don't hesitate to tell us more about your services if any
Many Thanks
J&G, Europe

My name is M, a 27 year old married to my wife S also 27.
In early 2002 S was diagnosed with Cancer causing us to make a very
tough decision.  Considering the options we decided to have S get a
hysterectomy done preventing her from carrying a child.  Due to the high
costs of having a surrogacy done in the U.S. done this appears to be our
only option.  I was hoping you can please point us in the right direction of
how to get the proccess started.  Look forward to hearing from you soon.
M, North America

Hi Bobby and Nikki,
we are in the the same boat as you ! sinking we feel fast. Read the article  in Red August magazine what fascinating reading. Haven't had time to read all your stories and updates yet from your web site but will.So sorry to see you have lost Mum we care for ours who is very ill we love her so much so we feel your pain.  Briefly we have been down every road to try and have our baby and feel very sad our last blow was having an surrogate come forward and bonding going as far as approaching our family members for guardians sorting out life policy for the surrogate just for her to for no known reason and none still not given to turn cruelly  cold towards us.  Even though we are still members of the surrogacy group and until not long ago her husband spoke to Mike (my husband) and said we would all meet up soon and pick up the pieces I have heard she has now agreed to be surrogate for another couple who I may add are lovely people and we do wish them truly well but feel our intended surrogate should practice what she preaches and instead of condemning other avenues like going to India for people like ourselves should concentrate on being more upfront and truthful and compassionate to those who get brushed to one side. We know a baby is not a commodity nor is it like buying or having a car it is an emotional roller coaster with no guarantee at the end. Sorry rambling on but so much goes through your head and it's nice to let things out, we wish you both all the luck in the world and will keep in touch

I don't speak well english
We would like to know your program for surrogacy...we need of an egg donor and  a surrogate mother
Can I ask you any questions?
1). Can you send me an information package to this e-mail address?
2). There is a quarantine period for sperm?
3). What is the total price?
4) There are any egg donor with brown skin... not too dark skin?
5). There will be a dna test for baby and intended  father?
6). from the time I want to get started, how much time is necessary to have baby?
7) When the first payment is due
8). when i sould come there for sperm sampling and the period of quarantine
9). Can I select a surrogate and an egg donor from italy by internet?
10). how many times have I came there
11). Is possible to provide sperm, to meet surrogate mother and select egg
donor all togheter... in a day...and to meet a attorney
12). how much is the cost of all program  ( this is important)
13). how much time is necessary from sign up for your program to have a baby.
I wait your answer,please.
Thank you vary much
M, europe

Dear Nikki and Bobby,
My husband and I have finally come to the painful conclusion that surrogacy is the next step for us.  I have a uterine anomoly that makes implantion difficult (six failed rounds of IVF) and pregnancy difficult (three pregnancy losses).
We would love any help or direction you could give us in finding and using a surrogate in India.  We have been in contact with Rotunda and are looking to start the advertising process.  Can you help us with that?  Do you recommend using Rotunda's surrogate service or looking for a surrogate on our own?
Thank you,
L, North America

I have been reading a lot on your website about surrogacy.  Due to a health condition I am unable physically to be pregnant though we have no fertility issues.  I am interested to find out more about your experiences of the Rotunda Clinic.  We are very keen to go there.  My husband is Indian and I am English.  We live in Europe.  I have read your FAQ which was very helpful.
It would be nice to hear from a few people who have been through surrogacy so we can get a better idea of what it will involve.  How would I best do this?
I would like to get an impression of the quality of the treatment,  security of the arrangement - e.g. likelihood of surrogate pulling out before treatment.  We would have to find a surrogate via the clinic.  Do you know how successful the adverts are ?  When does the clinic do all the screening of the surrogate?  How long after finding the surrogate would it be before we have to go to India?
Sorry for all the questions but I am very new to this.
Thank you for your help.
Kind regards,
C, Europe

My husband and I are seriously interested in finding out more about your services.  We have been through two IVF's.  The first time, my cycle advanced too quickly, and the egg quality wasn't there.  They retrieved 11 eggs, and through the process-6 were broken, 2-were small, 2-bad quality, and 1 was good.  Well, the next IVF went much better.  They changed the protocol, to slow things down a bit, and I had 12 eggs removed.  9 fertilized J, and we had 5 embryos transferred.  I actually got pregnant, and then my numbers didn't double or triple after the first pregnancy test.  They then told me that they thought I had a chemical pregnancy, and one week later they told me I was pregnant again.
Well, at that point the doctor said no matter what, it was not a normal pregnancy, and it lasted about 1 ½ weeks, and was all over.  I am 42 years old, without any children.  My husband and I have been married for 4-1/2 years, and will never-ever  be without each other.  We feel like this is our last option.  We would love to hear from you.  It sounds like you have a very busy clinic, so if you could tell us what our options are, that would be great.
We look forward to hearing from you.
D&L, North America

Nikki & Bobby
My name is D.  My partner and I are a gay couple.  We reside in North America . We have been together almost ten years and have decided it was time to take the next step in our journey of life - start a family.  We have explored adoption but, unfortunately adoption by gay individuals is completely banned.  We have also explored surrogacy but the financial aspect is way beyond our means.  We want a family but we want to be able to provide the best possible life for our family.  Surrogacy here would make that next to impossible.  Then a friend mentioned to us that she had seen a special on TV regarding surrogacy in India, so we did an internet search and came across your site.  We read the FAQ section and were very pleased to see that the Rotunda Clinic assists gay couples/individuals.  Naturally, we are now very interested in exploring the possibility of surrogacy through egg donation in India(Rotunda Clinic) but we're not sure how or where to begin.  Can you provide some guidance?  How do we get started?  Is there something that can be mailed to us with all the information?  What are our first steps to becoming dads?  Any information/assistance you can provide will be GREATLY appreciated.
Thank you for your time and assistance.
D&R, North America

Please, please read this - we need you help badly!
I am a woman who found your homepage when searching for the same thing as you obviously are - a way to reach the dream about having a child.
Hope you can be indulgent with my bad English…
To make a long story short - my husband and I have tried several IVF-treatments without any success. We are not getting any younger and feels that time is struggeling against us. As so many others nowadays, this is a second time marriage for us. We both have children from our earlier marriages but no child together. My husband did something he now regrets badly - a strerilization long before we met…
My children long for a sister/brother as much as my husband and I long for OUR together child. We feel so sad we didn´t met earlier in life…
Of course we can make another try with IVF, but it is so heavy to go trough - both physically and mentally.
Then I read something terrible - it was about all the unborn female babies in Asia/India that is aborted, and even killed when they come out of the womb, every year. Millions of them!!!!!
Then we let go of the thought about necessarily having our own biological child…
And since I, in fact, already have had the privilege to give birth to adorable children we thought - why not take care of some of all the children that is already suppose to be born?!
Now our longing for this got SO strong - and we tried to figure out how to make it came true.
Adoption was of course our first thought. incredible complicated!!! With the best for the children we understand…and agree about. But time is expensive and the rules say that we must have been married for at least 5 years before an adoption could be actual. We have only been married for 3 years (but together for 8 years) and if we must wait so long - then we will be to old to be accepted as adoptionparents…
OK then, next try - a direct adoption? Get in contact with any of these women that is planning to abort her little girl…Not allowed in India!
So now - what do we do? Then I found You a the internet. And now is my question - is there any possibility to find and ask any of these women who is planning an abortion to be our surrogacy mother "in arrears" if you understand what I mean.
Of course we are willing to pay You for all services/help - but we don't have any knowledge about the rules/possibilities in India concerning surrogacy. Who controles the agreement between the mother and the parents f x? and we don´t know how to get in contact with a healthy woman in this situation.
Maybe we are naiv but we think there are many women who would use the opportunity to not put themselves in the risk of going trough an abortion - neither emotional or physically.
Looking forward to an answer from you. Thank you in advance!
Cincerely yours
J, Europe

Hi i am P, i have been married to H for nearly 14 years, and unfortunatly have no children due to my ill health. We considered private adoption, but it all ended in heartache, and now we are desparate to have a child in our life. Please, please help us try to find a surrogate in india. Look forward hearing from you soon. thanks, P, Europe

Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is S and I am Asian North American. My husband and I are looking for surrogate mother, and I want to try with my own eggs.However, I am already 43 and my husband is 45.  We also have done but we got negative results.
Please tell us how can we start the procedure? We like to start as quick as possible as I don't have much time left for producing eggs...
Please help me!
Best regards
S, North America

It's early in the morning and my typing is rather bad..
Your guidance is greatly needed. I know my time is running out and I am so saddened by this thought.
I have allowed my business to distract me from the one thing I need to focus in on, having a child.
I have no fallopian tubes but have been told my eggs appear to be in working order, (my doctor informed me last year when my second fallopian tube was removed).
I would love to utilize the surrogate services mentioned on your site.
I want to use my own eggs. As for the sperm i hope to find a donor for that. Is it feasible to travel with frozen sperm?
What are the steps? Freezing eggs at my age is not suggested. The more I read about freezing sperm or embryos the more nervous I become.
Do I travel to India w/ frozen sperm undergo the procedure to remove the eggs from myself and have them fertilized and implanted into the surrogate mother?
The costs, time expected in India, etc.?
I am attaching a picture of myself. Physically i have the body of a 25 year old. I had no idea my clock has almost expired.
I am terrified I missed the chance to share with and love my own child.
for some reason I was unaware my eggs were becoming black..as I sadly came to discover in an Elle Magazine article..
Thank you so very much in your assistance.
I await your reply,
Kindest Regards,
T, North America

Hello - I stumbled upon your website searching the internet after learning about the potential of surrogacy in India.  Our situation is a little unique and before I allow myself to get excited about this new possiblity, we have one question that needs to be answered first.  I have sent to following email to a couple of clinics in India and I am still waiting for thier response.  Then, I found you!  Please see my email below and if you can help me get an answer to this I would be so grateful.  THANK YOU!  (love your site and humor!)
I am a 38-year-old woman who while seeking fertility procedures for two years, of which did finally result in pregnancy in March 2007, was found to have cervical cancer.  Devastated (having been blessed my whole life with great health and not showing any symptoms of sickness), an immediate hysterectomy was required, recommended by four Oncologist Surgeons, which left me unable to carry the current or a future pregnancy.  Prior to chemo/radiation treatments my husband and I were able to retrieve and fertilize 3 eggs.  We needed to do this prior to my treatments as the treatments have left my ovaries unable to produce new viable eggs.  So again, we only have 3 eggs - just one good try in having a successful transfer and implantation to a surrogate.  Today, I am now cancer free, we live a healthy lifestyle, have a loving home, and are ready to start our family.... though we have now learned the brutal reality of how expensive surrogacy is here.  This has lead us to you.
Our primary, critical question........is it possible to deliver our already frozen 3 fertilized eggs to your clinic in India and not jeopardize them with this transfer.  My doctor here has told me that they should not be moved.  However, we would like your opinion...if you feel that the risk of moving them is minimal under certain followed conditions, how would we do that?  What would be our next steps in working with you to find a surrogate and then transfer to a surrogate?  How many trips would my husband and I make to India and how long would you need us to stay for each trip including at the time of the birth.  Can you please share with us what your surrogacy process looks like and what the costs are associated with it? We would need to work with an experienced, successful surrogate candidate. 
Anxiously waiting on your response!
M&S, North America

Dear Nikki and Bobby,
Our names our H and T and I have communicated with you a couple of times on your message board.  We hope everything is going well for you in India.  And we wish, pray and hope that this time will be a success!
We thought there was not any hope for ever having a biological child once we discovered how costly it is for a gestational surrogate here.  Until we watched an Oprah Winfrey show on Indian Surrogacy this past October.  The show was about the clinic that Dr. Naina Patel runs in Anand, The Akanksha Infertility Hospital.  We first contacted that clinic and sent medical records but in the process discovered your website and learned about Rotunda.  We were much more impressed with the amount of information on their website and most importantly how quickly they responded to our e-mails and many questions.   Your website and information about Rotunda really helped to make our decision to proceed with them even though Akanksha finally did get back to us and said they could accommodate us as early as December (earlier than Rotunda).
They are running an ad for us right now and said that they have gotten responses and will be conducting interviews soon.  Patience is a virtue!   We don't mind at all if you share our names with them while you are there....if so let them know we are anxiously waiting!
Thanks again for all the time you spend on your website and the wealth of information you are willing to share with other couples unfortunately dealing with infertility.  Infertility though is not the only thing us couples have in common, the other is determination, dedication and an amount of strength that none us knew we had.
We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
H&T, North America

Hi Nikki and Bobby:
Thank you for sharing what you have experienced with all of us.  It really helps my husband and me to make the decision to go for the Surrogate.  We are living in China currently and hoping to have a chid of our own.  We are in our 40+ and 50+, and surrogate seems to be the only possbility for us.  However, the local law does not permit the procedure done in the local hospitals.  We are looking for help in India.  Could you please provide us with a little more details about the whole process?
Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.
L, China

I was on the internet and came across your web site. I am a 53 year old divorce female and would like to become a parent. I would need a surrogate, egg donor, and sperm donor. I am having trouble converting the total cost from india money. Can you help me on this? Also, what would be the break downs? Also, could I get the birth certificate in my name only since I would be the intended parent. Also would I have to go throught immigration to bring the child back? I need all  the questions answered before I can proceed. Thanks for all your time and what ever other information that you think I might need would be very much appreicated.
J, North America

Dear Nikki & Bobby
My wife and I have read your website with a great deal of interest and enthusiasm. We are a Sikh by religion and yes, you guessed it,  we are trying for a baby, well hoping to have one at least. We are in the unfortunate position of looking at surrogacy in India.
To put you in the picture I'll tell you about our situation. I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1996 have underwent two operations and chemotherapy. I have cryopreserved sperm. My wife unfortunately had severe endometriosis and was unable to conceive. She had to undergo a total hysterectomy and was unable to preserve any ovarian tissue. We therefore only have my sperm which I intend to have shipped to a clinic in India for surrogate arrangements using a donor's eggs and a non biologically related surrogate mother. This is totally new territory for us and like yourselves we have looked into surrogacy and at adoption both here and from India. The latter are fraught with as much difficulty as surrogacy. We were heartened to read about your story and wish to emulate your success.
Can you therefore, please offer us some advice? We have read al ot about Rotund Clinic but we all know that there are many IVF clinics in India all claiming great success rates, with and without surrogacy, for example the Delhi IVF clinic. How did you, and how can we go about choosing the right doctors and clinic for us? Can you tell us about your personal experiences of the Rotunda? I mean your real objective opinion. I know you speak highly of them and I have e-mailed Dr Arora several times for information, but then again you have a family courtesy of the clinic and we don't (not yet any way). Do you think they have surrogacy to a good level, with legitimate egg donors and surrogate women.
Please initially tell us your thoughts so we make up our own minds and hopefully in 12 months we too may have a family.
Kindest regards
R, Europe

Can you pls help me?
Me and my wife are looking to preferable find a surrogate mother, failing that to adopt an Indian child.
We are both in our early 40's, and have no kids, as my wife cannot have kids.
Can you pls supply us with the procedures and costs, we are of Indian origin.
Thanks a lot
M, Europe

I have just come across your site and I wonder if it would be possible for you to give me some more information about surrogacy in India, I am looking for a GS surrogate and I was looking into the Ukraine also and I am trying to sort costs please can you help
E, Europe

My name is A and I am leaving in the Middle East.
I have a question.
If I want to do all the fertilization process in USA, But the pregnancy and the Surrogacy will be in India by your Surrogacy.
How am I going to send the embryos to your lab? What is the process? Is it possible?
A, Middle East

Hi Nikki and Bobby -
Firstly your website is a godsend.
I am a non-technically/technically infertile lady married to a wonderful man for 16 years. We've had nine miscarriages, more IVF attempts than I can count on both hands, plus 4 donor cycles that have been unsuccessful.
We are considering an ED plus surrogate from India.
I wondered if you had any information on anyone from New Zealand that has successfully been through this process. My biggest concern is our immigration process here and whether our names will be listed on a birth certificate.
Kind regards,
S, New Zealand

All the very best as you attempt to get a baby  Thank you for being so brave to share your struggles and provide information for couples struggling to have a baby.
We are trying to find a gestational surrogate in India as well as a reputable clinic. The first clinic we contacted wanted an advance of $1,000 in order to place us on their waiting list, without even telling us what the wait times were or even first finding out our medical condition!  They did not answer any of our questions, but instead seemed to be only interested in giving us the information on how to send the retainer.
Have you accompanied the couple to the clinic yet?
We are praying that your dream to have a child is fulfilled soon.
C, North America

We are requesting your assistance with our efforts with having a child. We have tried for over ten years and after $30,000.00 dollars and no results we have just about lost hope until we saw your results with another couple from Los Angeles, and are ready to try what ever you recommend, we really want a child and are ready, so please assit and advise..

thank you for your useful nice website.
I'am N, living in Europe for the last 3 years. I and
D, my boyfriend, are a gay couple. We've
been together for the past 8 years.
I am 27 and he is 36.
So we plan to have a child together and I think India can be a very
good opportunity for us.
But I think we really need the help of a Lawyer, we have too many
questions and we want to avoid any problem. Do you have anybody to
N, Europe

We would like to find a surrogant mother asap please can you help us. We have brown hair blue eyes, and i am 5ft 6ins and my partner is 5ft 7ins. We are both healthy and have no medical peroblems
We are a couple looking for a surrogate and noticed you sometimes have surrogates on your message board looking for IP's.
We would be very grateful if you could pass on our details.
I can tell you our story so far in summary otherwise it will take you a week to read lol.
We have been together for 14 years or so and married for 2 years.
I am  aged 37 and my wife is 32 and we have been trying for a baby for the past 6 years or so.
Wife suffered with endimitriosis which resulted in an operation to remove a cyst from her one ovary but unfortunately she lost the use of that ovary so we were advised to try IVF.
The first attempt we were pregnant with twins but unfortunately she miscarried at 8 weeks and the we had another 2 failed attempts but after the last attempt she became very ill and a cyst had formed the size of a grapefruit and attached itself to her womb appendix and kidney so she had to have an emergency op where unfortunately she had to have a full hysterectomy.
We have tried surrogacy before with a 39 years old woman who miscarried at 7 weeks and because of her age decided that it is best that we look for a younger woman.
We tried going abroad with a surrogate in Kiev Ukraine but it didn't work.
Here we are now having spent $40,000 and still no nearer our dream.
My mother died of cancer 4 weeks ago as well so things are not going our way it seems.
Hope i summarised ok and hope to hear from you soon.
Lots of Love,
M&T, Europe

I am T from India.  I would like to get a surrogate mother and an Egg donor.
I want to know how much will it cost and other details like your addrect and contact no.
Please mail me as soon as possible
T, India

We are like you . We had three failed IVF and thinking of going to India. When I read your site I can see you are going through the same painful experince. I am 40 and need donor eggs.
I am in the process of sending queries  to clinics. I have sent one to Rotunda too. Hope they will respond back. Do you have contact of people who used Rotunda or any other clinic from Canada or US and had success? I am also considering Dr.Nayna Patel do you have any one who had success with them? Can you ask whether they would like to talk or write to me. I have already written couple of e-mails to reference in Rotunda web site but no response yet except for one e-mail.
Nikki & Bobby and I like to donate but right now I am broke after doing 3 IVF is 13 months. I would definitely contribute once my finaces back. Well, if we are planning another IVF I don't know I will ever get back to positive bank balance.
Nikki and Bobby hope 2008 will be a good year for both of you!!!!!!!!!
Hoping to hear from you soon.
Thank you
A, North America

I would just love to know how you guys are getting on in India
currently ?  I watch your message board eagerly.
We are about to start with Rotunda, with our first adverts going out
in the New Year.
We wish for your dreams to come true on your latest trip and send you
both season's greetings,
Kind regards,
A, Middle East

I've just read your website which I found very informative and interesting.  Are you able to help out a couple from Africa, I see you help people of all races (we are white) and we used to live in the UK where we nearly joined COTS but they didn't seem very positive about the waiting list.  However we have now moved  and can't find a surrogate to help us.  We would like to have our own baby (biologically) but we need someone to carry it for us as I am unable to do so.  All the costs you list on your website seem very reasonable.
Please let me know if you are in a position to help us or can give us advice on who we should be contacting.
Many thanks and well done for you lovely (easy to read) website.
K, Africa

Dear sir,
I have just come across your website  my wife has premature ovarian failure and therefore cannot concieve.We have tried ivf but it failed.My sperm quality was good but i would need another more recent test
I am very interested in surrogacy simple male insemination can you help.
yours faithfully

I'm 55 years old, my husband is 51. We live in the N.America and would like
to use my husband's sperm and a donor egg (since I can't produce
eggs). I'm curious if there is an upper age restriction. I am also
curious about the adoption requirement which I assume would take my
place in my state --or do we go through a court hearing in India as
Do you know if a home study is required prior to the pregnancy, prior
to the birth or after we return home?
Can you give me an idea of what the total cost would be for us to do that?
Thank you for your website, I know it's a lot of work and you do a
great job and a great service.
K, North America

Dear Nikki and Bobby,
We hope and pray you receive happy news soon........
We got news from Rotunda that they have a gestational surrogate for us!  We replied saying we want to go ahead but no response back as of 12/26.  Getting worried something has gone wrong.  E-mailed them 3 times so far.....responses from the clinic have always been quick until now.
H, North America

Dear Nikki and Bobby,
We have contacted Dr. Patel at her clinic in India and she has been great
with answering questions we have. I really wanted to talk with someone
that has been through the experience of going over there.
The reason for us having children this way is because pregnancy
would be to much strain on my heart. I was born with a heart condition
and all the doctors have said they could get me through the pregnancy,
they just could not promise I would live to raise the baby.
My husband and I are so excited about this, please, if you could
share your experience we would really appreciate it! Thank you so very
Thank You,
B, North America

I would like to make an inquiry of the availability of surrogate mothers. My wife and I live in N. America. We have had at least one miscarriage and 4 failed IVF attempts including one with a noted infertility expert at an Institute for Reproductive Medicine.
We'd largely given up on the prospect of having children, accept for the fact that we still have 2 frozen embryos that we never decided what to do with. I was wondering if there were a protocol for having the 2 frozen embryos shipped to your clinic to see if a successful pregnancy could result using a surrogate there.
K, North America

Dear Nikky and Bobby,

Thank you very much for creating such a great website.
I've been reading it with great interest after a local
newspaper in Vietnam published an article about
surrogation service at Kaival hospital, Anand, India.
I've googled more articles about their survice and
came accross your names and website.
I and my husband have been trying IUI and IVF serveral
times withouth success for the last 7 years. We are
thinking seriously about surrogation service and I'm
wondering why you decided to choose the Rotunda
program vs. the Kaival and do you recommend the Kaival
Also, kindly please add me to your mailing list to
keep me updated of the progress with your "journey".
Wishing you all the lucks in this new year.
H, Vietnam

Hi Bobby and Nikki,
I do have some questions. I am North American and my name is J. I am a 36 year old male and my femelle is 40 years old and unable to have children due to uterus problems (hysterectomy) and we also want to go through surrogacy procedure. I leave with my female. My female have three children by a previous marriage and me i have not children. My femelle and me would like to have children in 2008 if it possible and I was wondering what the cost was for using an Indian surrogate mom was and also want to go through surrogacy procedure but we don't know about the immigration process. How to bring the child back? I would like to use eggs from my femelle and my sperm if that is fesable.Also me and my femelle was wondering how that would work for immigration purposes...? If possible can u please send me contact information of somebody who is from here and have gone through this process. I will really apprecite you help in advance. Waiting for your mail. Any information you could provide would be wonderful.
Sorry for my bad english.
J, North America

We are a couple in our mid-40s and are interested in getting a surrogate from your clinic.  Can you tell me about the different aspects of such an arrangement, including:
Cost (I understand that the current rate is running at ~$20,000 USD);
What is involved and how much time in or near your clinic will be required;
Can we use the surrogate's eggs if my wife's eggs cannot be harvested?
We will continue to read the website to familiarize ourselves with the process.
Thank you
M, North America

We wish to do a surrogate with frozen donor embryos. What are the legal requirements in our case? It seems, from your website, that the names on the birth cert will be that of both of us (intended parents).
Are there any additional issues related to the embassy and port of entry that you know of? Also, what are the steps once baby is born and its birth certificate are in order? Presumably we would need to get an Indian passport for the baby and visa from the embassy and any other legal or travel documents.
Is there any detailed information that we could read up on to understand the legal steps in the process starting from birth of baby to arriving home? Do you have any referrals who have gone through the process through Rotunda? It would be extremely helpful for us to be able to correspond with them.
Thanks in advance,
L&K, North America

Dr Kadam,
I have 7 frozen embryos at an IVF facility, and I would like to have them transferred to your clinic in Mumbai and implant them into a surrogate mother.  Also will the eggs arrive in good condition once they reach customs and will your facility be there to pick them up?  I will also be flying with the embryos because I am extremely worried them reaching safely to your clinic.  Cost is the cost of getting the surrogate ready for the transfer plus transferring the eggs and delivering the bab/ies.  Since I already have the embryos, I do not need to go through the egg retrieval and fertilization.
I have had several miscarriages and a failed IVF cycle.  The doctor tells me my uterine lining never gets passed 6mm thickness and therefore I can never hold a pregnancy.
Will your facility find me a young and responsible surrogate mother to carry my embryos and after the child/ren are born give them back to us?
How long do I need to be in Mumbai from the time the eggs arrive to the implantation of eggs into the surrogate?
S, North America

My wife and  I have found a surrogate mother that we feel very comfortable working with. We had worked with another, quite well known surrogate, for some time but unfortunately she did not become pregnant even though we tried quite a lot. Ironically she became pregnant with the next couple she worked with after us, with Triplets. Anyway, I noticed on your website that you would be willing to send us your surrogacy agreement or contract template. I  have scoured the web and have found absolutely nothing. If you could provide a template we could use we would be very grateful. We will be impregnating the surrogate with my sperm and her eggs so baby will be partially biologicaly related to us though that is not an issue at all we will love her completely. My wife has had a kidney transplant years ago and due to the architecture of her organs she is unable to become pregnant.
Hoping to hear from you.

Thank you for the site.
My boyfriend & I are very keen on starting a surrogate family, fathering a child each. We are keen to explore the Rotunda clinic. Would you mind if we asked you a few questions?
Do you have contacts of other gay couples who have explored this route to give us?
I have seen your advice from the Commissioner. Do you know whether any gay surrogate babies have successfully erturned? Do you know of a good lawyer for help with this
Is there a similar clinic you know of in Europe?
How many egg donors are their to choose from & how much information would be available?
How easy would it be to obtain surrogate eggs in Europe which then can be delivered in Mumbai?
Thanks in advance...
M, Europe

I was wondering if you know of anyone in Europe who may be willing to help us, were looking for a gestational surrogate.
Here's a little info about myself and my Husband, my name is D and I'm 24 years old, my husband is A and he's 26.
We've been married for 5 years and have 2 children of our own, but since having my daughter in 2004, we have been suffering from unexplained recurrent miscarriages,
We have had 7 in total.
We have had all the tests done but have all come back normal, so we have decided that going through the surrogacy route is the best way forward for us.
If you know of anyone or you could maybe pass on my details to someone who is willing to be a surrogate for us I would really appreciate it.
I will attach a few photo's, so that you can pass them on.
D, Europe

Dear Nikki and Bobby,
We are a gay couple from Europe who are considering surrogacy as way to have children and becoming a family.
We wounder if you have any experience in helping gay couples? (It seems that you have had some questions regarding the issue)
Best regards,
F, Europe

Dear team at One in Six,
My friend and I would like more information on the surrogacy in India.  My friend has frozen embryos that she would like to use.  How would this work?  Can we send the frozen embryos to India and implant them on the surrogate mother?  Please let me know the cost and the process.
Thank you very much for your time.  We very much look forward to your reply.
Best regards,

I was wondering if you would be able to answer our questions below?  I found your wonderful website and had sent an email to Dr. Kadam, but haven't received any response.
I would appreciate any help you could provide.
Thank you,

I saw your surrogacy concept on a news station. I am a 40 year old healthy female. Would a person like myself be able to freeze a healthy egg to be used by a surrogate? How does it work? Is there a waiting list? Cost?
This is all a new concept to me but would be open to it being a professional single woman in a relationship but not married.
Thank you.
L, North America

Hi Nicki & Bobby,
I hope this email is going to reach the right people... After many (4) failed attempts @ IVF I am now exploring the option of Surrogacy as a potential - I have found your website very useful. I am 32 and my husband 36.  We have been trying to have a baby for 4 years now.
I would appreciate your guidance and any first steps on where to start.
Hope to hear you.

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 5 and ½ years now with no luck.  We are of Indian ancestry and we were both born in  South America but raised in North America. We got married late in life and we are both now in our early 40's.  Our infertility is due to unexplained reasons and while my body seems healthy and my husband's sperm is superb we are still unable to get preganant.  We cannot use infertility drugs (it has an adverse effect on me) so we only get one egg per month and the embryos are usually excellent quality. We have done approximately 8 IVFs and 10 IUIs with no luck.  I even had the laparoscopy and hysteroscopy done.
We are seriously considering a gestational carrier now and I have been hearing a lot about this program in India (by Dr. Nayna Patel) and tried to contact her with no response from her or her clinic.  I read the information on your website and thought you may be able to be of some assistance to us.
Can you be of any assistance to us? If so, how does this work and what is a ballpark cost?  I can be reached by e-mail or if necessary by phone.
Warm Regards,
R, North America

I am 46 yrs old I have a  egg donor 33yrs. Will it be possible  for me to carry the egg in my womb and  Will I be able to get pregnant and deliver.

Hello, I'm pleased th talk to you about having a child using surrogacy.
My name is E, I'm Japanese, however I am currently living in Korea.
I have tried to become pregnant several times, including IVF, but have been unable to maintain pregnancy for more than 10 weeks.
So I have started to think about surrogacy and fortunately I found your site.
I have read over the process explanation written on your home page as well as the information at http://www.oneinsix.com/rotunda.html.
However I still have several questions.
1. What stipulations are there for couples who request surrogacy?
2. Is there a fee associated with failed implantations?
3. Culturally there are certain issues I'd like to avoid. What level of confidentiality is assured regarding the process? After reading the information on your website, I want to be 100% sure that the only names appearing on the birth certificate are those of my husbands and myself.
4. What is the success rate of the process from the first step to the the normal delivery of healthy baby?
5. What tests do you perform during the pregnancy to ensure the health of the baby?
(For example, still baby and congenital malformation..etc..)
And is the cost the same if there is stillbirth or congenital malformation with the carried baby?
6. Have you had any cases where the carried baby was malformated? If so, how many cases and what assurances do you offer to potencial customers?
7. My husband and I will use our ovum and spermatozoon.
How can we start to get into the program? 
And how soon could we start the process?
8.  How long does it take to match a surrogate mother?
9. What is the possible process or solutions if the new born baby has dieases perinatally or congenital malformations? In that case, is any additional charges requested? And any legal problems?
10. Is additional medical fee not requested to intended parents if a surrogate mother has illness during pregnancy whether or not releated to pregnancy?
11. At what age does the new born baby get on the airplane safely?
One month old  or two month old? And does your program include support during that period?
12. Do you have any contact information for people  regarding our specific legal procedures?
We would be very glad if  hearing from you soon.
Thank you.
E, Japan

I'm 37 y old, single man, gay and I'm lokking for a surrogate program in India because it's forbidden in my country.
I've find a lot of informations in your forum. The site www.surrogacyindia.com gave me answer to all my questions but I'ven't received any answer from Rotundia.
Is it normal ?
Thank you for all.
G, Europe

Hi Bobby & Nikki,
I wanted to thanks you for all the detailed info & advise on your website, I would be lost without it.
In brief, I am visiting the Rotunda hospital ( hopefully) from about the 2nd March to undergo Gestational Surrogacy. I have lost 7 pregnancies between 13-22 weeks. Naturally I challenged many routes to find a cure but sadly no success, however surrogacy sounds like a miracle if it works for us.
I wanted some info about the hotel you stayed at? I did check the other hotels on the site but still unsure. We are happy to pay a reasonable amount but unsure about the no available & whether any offer self catering & resturant facilities.
How long did you spend in Mumbai?
Any other pitfalls would be greatly appreciated? The clinic have been very slow in communicating recently about our confirmed flight dates etc Perhaps they are very busy.. I have been waiting since Nov-07 to recruit the surrogate & approve. This tok place afew weeks ago & then no response, I gave them a call & they promised to get back to me by yesterday but no reply yet?
M, Europe

Dear Nikki & Bobby
I had a look on your website and thank you for all the information and effort you have invested
My husband and I are looking for a surrogate.  We have one daughter who is 4 years old.  Our lives have turned into a nightmare lately as we lost our 2 boys from twin-twin transfusion syndrome at 26 weeks.  They were unable to stop the bleeding and I had to have a hysterectomy.  We are now desperate to have another child, but the costs are more than we can afford and so I'm emailing you in hope that if you do find a surrogate(s) you will consider us.
We were both born in Africa and have lived in Europe for 3 years and we now live in New Zealand (3 1/2 years).  Its a lovely country but we do find it difficult not seeing our families on a regular basis.  I enjoy running and going to the beach and my husband loves his sport - watching it that is.
Thank you for any help you can provide us with.
Kind regards
C&B, New Zealand

Dear Madam,
dear Sir,
I found your site at the web.
My biggest dream is to become a dad.
Unfortunally it´s not possible to do surrogacy here in my country.
I am 47 years old and I am so late because I had a wonderfil childhood and took care for my paretnts til they died.
I read about India. How can I find a surrogate and or join a program?
I would be very pleased if you could help ma and please excuse my poor English
P, Europe

Hi there I've just read about your book. it sounds amazing.

What is the story regarding sex selection and surrogacy? in other words if we wanted to choose the gender of our child but can only go down the surrogacy route? we know it's not allowed in this country and not allowed in India but that there are some clinics in India that can help us?? Or are there someone in the UK that can put us in touch with the right clinic in India? We're not Indian and dont' speak the language but maybe you know someone who can help us.
C, Europe

I heard of you surrogacy options.  My husband and I have not been able to conceive and would like to engage in a surrogate mother.  I may still have some of my own eggs so it maybe just to need the IVF surrogate with my husband and my egg and sperm, since I cannot carry it.
I would like more information as soon as you can.  I can fly to India or we can discuss how to proceed.  I really want a baby of our own and hope that you can be of help to us.  Please contact me at your earliest convience.
J, North America

Dear Nikki,
I saw your web page and wanted to know if you could help me with a question that I had about Rotunda's egg donor list. They seem to have had the same list of donors for several months. They offered me a package(the least expensive they had) It was seven hundred dollars for one week of running. Does that sound right to you?
Did you or anyone that you know ever advertise? I am wanting a surrogate and an egg donor form India...We heard about India surrogacy on Opera. Thus came the search for surrogates. Is this clinic really good and do you know of many people who have used Rotunda? Dis they have a baby and did they have any trouble getting the baby home? Please email when you can about the advertising stuff as I am not that happy with the egg donors that Rotunda has to offer at this point....Thank-you for being a great support system for all the want -to be- parents such as myself.
D, North America